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Total Records in MPCviewer - 4,517,914


Newspaper Births and Birthdays

Records:  807,787

Newspaper Marriages, Engagements and Anniversaries

Records:  406,363


Records:  12,920

Newspaper Deaths, Funerals

Records:  1,639,553

Public Trustee/Deceased estates

Records:  231,204

Arrivals in SA

Records:  214,763

Ships to SA

Records:  14,822


Records:  490,152

Miscellaneous records

Records:  269,802

Hospital and Asylum Admissions

Records:  126,718

School Admissions

Records:  32,858

German cards

Records:  24,535


Records:  197,191

South Australian Parish Records: 49,246 records




MPCviewer datasets update 21/1/2018


South Australian Parish Records

49,246 records consisting of:-


Baptisms – 34 Parishes - Adelaide Catholic by Bishop Ullathorne 1840, Adelaide Chalmers Free Church of Scotland 1851-1853, Adelaide Holy Trinity Anglican 1840-1841, Adelaide Presbyterian 1839-1841, Adelaide St Andrews Presbyterian 1840-1843, Aldinga St Anns Anglican 1866-1981,Blakiston St James Anglican 1846-1937, Burra Anglican 1846-1987, Clare Presbyterian 1872-1883, 1919-1936, Clarendon St Ninians Anglican 1889-1982, Echunga St Marys Anglican 1861-1932, Gawler Catholic 1849-1962, Hart Presbyterian 1923-1975, Inverbrackie Caledonian Woodside 1882-1886, Kadina Anglican 1863-1900, Little Spring Creek St Faith Anglican 1908-1962, McLaren Vale St Margarets Anglican 1911 -1980, Melrose Holy Trinty Anglican 1870-1875, Mount Gambier Wesleyan Methodist 1860-1873, Mt Barker Catholic 1885-1961, Mt Barker Christ Church Anglican 1865-1921, O'Halloran Hill Christ Church Anglican 1846-1893, Pancharpoo & Saddleworth Methodist 1858-1982, Parkside Catholic 1895-1917, Penola Catholic 1854-1882, Penong Methodist 1901-1911, Port Adelaide Presbyterian 1858-1981, Port Lincoln Catholic 1851, Prospect Methodist 1911-1926, River Murray Anglican Mission (PS Etona) 1894-1913, Sevenhill Catholic Index 1866-1908, Smith of Dunesk Mission 1895-1896, Thebarton Catholic 1895-1912, Woodville St Margaret Anglican 1855-1910

Marriages – 29 Parishes - Adelaide & Country Catholic 1858-1861, Adelaide & Mt Barker Catholic 1842-1857, Adelaide Bethlehem Lutheran 1861-1916, Adelaide Pilgrim Uniting 1920-1990, Adelaide St Patrick & St Francis Xavier Catholic 1882-1898, Balaklava Catholic 1889-1963, Birdwood Catholic 1885-1901, Brinkworth St John’s Lutheran 1917-1985, Burra Anglican 1848-1987, Burra Catholic 1878-1901, Clare Presbyterian 1872-1948, Gawler Congregational 1892-1905, Hindmarsh Sacred Heart Catholic 1894-1956, Jamestown Caltowie & Appila-Yarowie Anglican 1902-1931, Jamestown St James Anglican 1902-1931, Little Spring Creek St Faith Anglican 1908-1968, Melrose Holy Trinity Anglican 1875-1963, Millicent St Michael Anglican 1891-1931, Mintaro Methodist 1872-1873, Mount Gambier St Paul Catholic 1861-1900, O'Halloran Hill Christ Church Anglican 1849-1907, Parkside St Raphael Catholic 1895-1963, Port Adelaide Catholic 1871-1951, Port Adelaide St Paul Anglican 1847-1856, Port Augusta Presbyterian 1895-1898, Sevenhill Catholic 1874-1876, Victor Harbor St Augustine Anglican 1870-1920, Wilmington Christ Church Anglican 1920-1972, Woodville St Margaret Anglican 1856-1910


Burials – 2 parishes - Burra Anglican 1847-1870, Gawler Anglican 1848-1985


MPCviewer datasets update 16/1/2018


Updates to dataset functionality

 # Dashboard: Fix AutoSearch for marriages (and similar).

# Record form: Add special handling for Parish Marriages to show matching spouse record.

# List form: Add Remember Sort Order checkbox.

# List form: Add Dev functions: RecordID and ShowSQL.

MPCviewer datasets update 17/12/2017


Arrivals in South Australia

Added 119 records of Irish female orphans on ship Inconstant.

Normalisation of existing DB with some corrections.


MPCviewer datasets update 11/12/2017




Added Matrimonial Petitions and related documents 1859-1893.

General cosmetic and normalisation changes to existing dataset.


MPCviewer datasets update 30/11/2017

School Admissions

Added 11 schools:

Barunga, Brownlow, Dawson, Macsfield, Murdoch's Hill, Pichi Richi, Pleasant Park, South Hummocks, Wilsdonville, Yararoo, Yarra.

General cosmetic and normalisation changes to existing dataset.


MPCviewer datasets update 29/11/2017


Hospitals and Asylum Admissions

Added records as follows: Hawker Lying-In Hospital 1899-1928, Destitute Asylum 1870-1906, Lunatic Asylums 1846-1960 (inc. Adelaide Gaol)

1 change to existing records based on user feedback

General cosmetic and normalisation changes to existing dataset.


MPCviewer datasets update 21/11/2017

Public Trustee/Deceased Estates

Added records as follows (including replacements):

- Gazette 1845-2000.

- Advertiser Nov1997-Sep2012 (Ian Shillabeer Collection).

- Gazette 1841-1890 (Marion Hextall Collection).

- Some corrections to existing dataset.


MPCviewer datasets update 18/11/2017

Newspaper Marriages, Engagements & Anniversaries

Add about 70,000 records as follows (including replacements):

- One correction based on user feedback.

- Adelaide Morning Chronicle 1851-52

- Gladstone Areas Express 1877-1900

- Advertiser 1938-1939, 1946-1969 (Ian Shillabeer).

- Sunday Mail 1970-1999 (Ian Shillabeer).

- Advertiser & Sunday Mail 2011-2017 (Ian Shillabeer).

- Country papers 1961-2017 (Ian Shillabeer).


MPCviewer datasets update 12/11/2017

Newspaper Deaths and Funerals

1 change to existing records based on user feedback.

General normalisation of Source names and ages.

Added 101 records from Adelaide Morning Chronicle and Gladstone Areas Express.


MPCviewer datasets update 09/11/2017

Newspaper Births and Birthdays

Add records as follows: Sunday Mail Births 2005-2012 (Ian Shillabeer). Country Newspapers Birthdays 1984-2006 (Ian Shillabeer). Advertiser Birthdays 1970-1999 (Ian Shillabeer). Various papers Births 1952 (Neville Bottger). Chronicle Births 1852. Gladstone Area Express 1877-1901.

5 changes to existing records based on user feedback.


MPCviewer datasets update 5/11/2017


Added Non South Australians Buried WTC 1892-1941.

2 records corrected.

A few sources corrected.

Normalise 'unknown' surnames & given names.



MPCviewer datasets update 5/8/2017

Arrivals in South Australia
New import and correction of records from Excel master.


Ships to SA

New import and correction of records from Excel master.



MPCviewer datasets update 10/06/2017 


Newspaper Births and Birthdays

Add 1951 births.

Some cosmetic correction to existing DataBase.

5 corrections from user feedback.

MPCviewer datasets update 6/06/2017


BISA/South Australians

This dataset is derived from data prepared for the documents "Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885" published Dec 1987 to July 1989, and "South Australians 1836 -1885" published May 1990, herein referred to as BISA1 and BISA2 respectively.


MPCviewer datasets update 19/4/2017


Additions and corrections for Coromandel Valley St John's Anglican Monumental Inscriptions, Black Hill New Monumental Inscriptions, Keilli Monumental Inscriptions, and Stanley Flat Methodist Monumental Inscriptions.


School Admissions

New import of records from Excel masters – added 9 Schools

Chicago, Dawson, Hundred of Yongala, Maaoupe, Ngapala, Port Pirie East, Port Pirie West, Stephenston, Sunshine, Thistle Beds, Wardang Island Primary, Wheetelande Primary

MPCviewer datasets update 15/4/2017


Added 898 records including for Keith, Echunga, Crafers and Goolwa.

Normalisation of name fields to remove special characters.

Normalisation of cemetery names.

Some merging with existing records.


MPCviewer datasets update 12/4/2017

German Cards

New import of records from Excel masters including images. This dataset contains summary information about nineteenth century immigrants from Germany to South Australia, and their descendants.


MPCviewer datasets update 24/3/2017

Public Trustee/Deceased Estates

Added Advertiser notices from 2016.

Existing data clean up including splitting multiple surnames and removing double spaces.


MPCviewer datasets update 3/2/2017


Newspaper Births and Birthdays

Removal/replacement of special characters in names.

Repair of 1,253 records which had Given Names and Parents interchanged.


MPCviewer datasets update 03/12/2016

Public Trustee/Deceased Estates

Add Advertiser notices for 2015.


MPCviewer datasets update 22/11/2016


General normalisation and clean up. Removal of about 14k duplicates.

Add Adelaide Catholic burials 1845-1895 (5131 records).


MPCviewer datasets update 07/11/2016


New import and correction of records from Excel master.


MPCviewer datasets update 30/10/2016

Newspaper Deaths and Funerals

Correction of abbreviated publication dates in Aug 2011.

School Admissions

New import of records from Excel masters 

MPCviewer datasets update 20/9/2016

Newspaper Deaths and Funerals

New import of records from Excel masters, plus correction of existing records.

Includes OtherSurnames field.


Hospitals and Asylum Admissions

Add info tables, other cosmetic changes. No data changes.


MPCviewer datasets update 1/8/2016

Newspaper Births and Birthdays

New import and correction of records from Excel master.


Newspaper Marriages, Engagements & Anniversaries

New import and correction of records from Excel master.

Public Trustee/Deceased Estates

New import and correction of records from Excel master.



New import and correction of records from Excel master.